The Selfie-Selfie-O-Matic

The Selfie-Selfie-O-Matic


The Selfie-Selfie-O-Matic was part of It’s Doing It, an online group exhibition of computer generated images that autonomously updates on a daily basis over the course of 45 days. All of the works in the show are instruction-based artworks expressed through computer programs written by the artists. These programs generate new images once daily that can be viewed on the website. Each instantiation of the show, while being similar to the previous and following ones, is unique, emphasizing the expressive, data-driven, and intelligent possibilities of randomness for art creation in the context of the digital.

1. Sit in front of favourite photo.
2. Pose.
3. Trigger camera to take a Selfie.
4. If Selfie is hotter than favourite photo, remove favourite photo from frame and replace it with Selfie.

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