• ofxPostProcessing
    This openFrameworks addon gives you an easy way of putting together a chain of GLSL post-processing effects. (239 watchers)

  • ofxGpuParticles
    openFrameworks addon to aid creating particle systems in GLSL. (75 watchers)

  • ofxStateMachine
    openFrameworks state machine design pattern implementation. (70 watchers)

  • ofxRules
    Rules based mesh generation addon for openFrameworks. (43 watchers)

  • ofxMovieExporter
    Addon to capture and encode video straight from OF applications based on libav. (31 watchers)

  • ofxNearestNeighbour
    A templated k-d tree nearest neighbour search addon for openFrameworks based on nanoflann. (28 watchers)

  • ofxPtf
    Parallel transport frames addon for openframeworks. (23 watchers)

  • ofxCorkCsg
    A constructive solid geometry (mesh boolean) addon for openFrameworks. (19 watchers)

  • musicalmachines
    This is the code for the talk I gave at FITC entitled Musical Machines and Flapping Phones. (8 watchers)

  • ofxHalfEdgeMesh
    Half Edge data structure for openFrameworks. (7 watchers)

  • ofxKinectSdk
    Lightweight Kinect SDK wrapper (4 watchers)

  • ofxLibRocket
    html & css styling for openFrameworks (3 watchers)

  • ofxWarpableMesh
    (2 watchers)

  • ofxThreadedMidiPlayer
    Threaded Midi File Player for openFrameworks (2 watchers)

  • ofxFastFboReader
    Read pixel data using PBO (2 watchers)

  • ofxMask
    (2 watchers)

  • ofxCurvedPoly
    (1 watcher)

  • ofxTween
    tween addon for openFrameworks (1 watcher)

  • ofxCv
    Alternative approach to interfacing with OpenCv from openFrameworks. (0 watchers)

  • ofxBox2d
    Openframework wrapper for box2d (0 watchers)

  • ofxAsio
    A library for straightforward asynchronous networking in C++, designed for openframeworks users. Implemented as a wrapper for ASIO without Boost. (0 watchers)

  • ofxPixelPusher
    A C++ library to control PixelPusher LED Controllers, designed with openFrameworks in mind. (0 watchers)

  • ofxBt
    a simple wrapper for Bullet Physics Library. (0 watchers)

  • ofxBeckhoffADS
    (0 watchers)

  • ofxObjLoader
    (0 watchers)

  • ofSite
    openFrameworks web site (0 watchers)

  • ofxPBR
    (0 watchers)

  • ofxImGui
    Use ImGui in openFrameworks (0 watchers)

  • ofxVoronoi
    Voronoi Diagram (0 watchers)

  • ofxPBRHelper
    (0 watchers)

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